Partner for Future Technology
As an innovator, we are breaking into new dimensions

A common vision worldwide

With our products and services, we contribute to our customer’s technological visions becoming a reality.
New, sustainable technologies for the progress of our world could not be developed reliably without our innovative solutions.
Verified by INGUN is our contribution to future technology.
We at INGUN are proud to support our customers worldwide as a strong partner with future-oriented,
reliable test solutions and excellent customer service.

yellow car in a showroom with visible interior test points

Actively Shaping Change  

The rapid development in electronics, growing globalisation, demanding customers, and fast-acting competitors constantly present us with new challenges. Continuous further development is the driving force behind our continual, sustainable, healthy development.  For us, actively shaping change means developing ideas and driving innovation forward.

Boldy Setting Standards   

We set standards for high-quality products, and the benchmark for excellent customer service. We are at the forefront when it comes to developing, manufacturing, supplying, and supporting the testing solutions of the future.
Rear view of the inner workings of a smartphone with visible internal test points
Hand of a human robot with indicated test points

Enabling Brilliant Technology

Together we develop solutions for the quality, reliability, and sustainability of electronic products and their development. We think of solutions that do not yet exist, and strike new paths so that our customers’ visions today are tomorrow’s reality. To enable brilliant technology, we rely on the creativity, the ideas, and the tireless dedication of every employee at INGUN.

Sustainably Improving Life

As a partner for future technology we are continually helping to shape tomorrow’s world. We guarantee the reliability of brilliant technology and in doing so improve the lives of millions of people in a sustainable way. This responsibility is also evident in the fact that INGUN is a reliable, fair employer who secures employees’ futures in the Constance region and worldwide. In addition, it means that all employees make a contribution to a sustainable cooperation on daily basis. Sustainably improving quality of life on a daily basis - we embrace this challenge every single day with the greatest passion.

Room with an X-ray machine with INGUN technology installed