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Vacuum test fixtures (VA) are suitable for contacting high-volume electronic units such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) (mass testing) and a small number of versions. INGUN vacuum test fixtures are always available as a stand-alone system without an interchangeable exchangeable kit.

They are suitable for single-sided, single-stage, or dual-stage contacting and are connected to an existing test system. They boast the following features:

  • Robust design
  • Stand-alone system without interchangeable exchangeable kit
  • Available in various versions
  • Available in various sizes
  • Without test system interface
  • Can be used for single-sided, single-stage, or dual-stage contacting
  • Service life: > 2,000,000 load cycles (under laboratory conditions)

Available for all common test systems and interfaces

Vacuum test fixtures (VA) are designed as single test fixtures, primarily without functional units. They are available in various sizes with and without test system interfaces, and are suitable for all common test systems and interfaces.

  • VPC
  • SPEA
  • Dr. ESCHKE

Please contact us if you require a test system interface that is not mentioned here.


Vacuum cassettes are designed for single-sided, single-stage or single-sided, dual-stage contacting to perform combined ICT/FCT tests. The single-sided, dual-stage contacting is realised using an electrically operated shifting plate. The ICT is performed in the first stage and the FCT is performed in the second stage, which is approx. 5 mm above the first stage.

With appropriate customisations, e.g. in the form of an additional contact unit (ZSK), an additional single-stage contact can be implemented from above, so that the vacuum test fixture is equipped for double-sided contacting.


Modular design and simple operation

The parallel contact stroke with a height of several millimetres is generated by means of negative pressure by suction of air into the vacuum zone. The vacuum seal enables the largest possible parallel stroke and increased sealing effect as the vacuum pressure increases.

Thanks to the fixture’s modular design, there are various ways to ensure the electronic unit makes contact with the spring-loaded test probes. There is a wide variety of standardised customisations, such as vacuum covers, pressure frame units or DUT-specific sealing masks and additional contacts for implementing a complementary single-stage contacting from above. The customisations can be combined with almost all vacuum test fixtures in various sizes.