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INGUN offers an extensive portfolio of accessories for the customisation of test fixtures. In addition to the components already presented, customers will find the following additional products for individualised customisations and specific applications.

All our accessories can be researched and ordered online using the INGUN product finder. Please contact us in case you cannot find the desired part or if you need a modified version.

Gas spring GDF-185-60-100N-A6-A6-D Item 38786
  • Trusted gas springs from the market leader, for all test fixtures, exchangeable kits, and interchangeable kits
  • Various lengths and spring forces available
  • Standard and shock-absorbing versions available
Cleaning mat KRM-400-690-09 Item 56718
  • Trusted cleaning mats for cleaning contaminated test probe tips
  • Easy way to extend the service life of test probes
  • Ideal for pointed, aggressive plunger tips with self-cleaning properties
  • Size can be adjusted to fit probe field
Button activator TAB-M-10-5 Item 19637
  • Trusted units for the actuation of buttons and spring-loaded switches
  • Space-saving, quick, easy installation
  • Manual actuation
Pressure spring FED-12,1-31,0-20N-08,4 Item 43627
  • Trusted pressure springs, suitable for all test fixtures, exchangeable kits, and interchangeable kits
  • Highest spring steel quality for maximum breakage resistance
  • Various diameters available
  • Various spring forces available