New technological achievements are being driven by digitisation: infrastructures, buildings and vehicles are becoming networked; markets and industries are converging. The Internet of Things makes new services and business models possible, and thanks to virtual and augmented reality, new experiences and procedures become accessible.

As a single-source supplier of a range of test components, INGUN has become an indispensable part of a multitude of industries: From automotive and aerospace to energy supply, telecommunications and medical technology, we offer companies precisely tailored contacting solutions for reliable contacting of electrical and electronic assemblies and components.

We have the largest portfolio of test probes and test fixture kits, as well as other accessories available for our customers. 

All test components from a single source, plus development

Our customers benefit from the use of the latest technologies and field-tested products and test contacts. We know the needs of the different industrial sectors and continue to expand our comprehensive portfolio of test probes, test fixture kits, and customising accessories – most im-portantly, we work in close cooperation with our customers.

If required, INGUN also develops customised test probes for efficient, functional contacting with a high first pass yield and long service life - therefore we ensure even more reliable contacting solutions and the best connection from the test point to the test system.

An overview of the most important industries: