Versatile solutions
for every test requirement

Find the right testing solution for every application

Products, components, and solutions from INGUN are suitable for versatile use in various applications. This includes testing technology for PCBs, cable harnesses, and connectors, as well as the contacting of battery cells and solar modules. In addition, the application area of radio frequency technology is becoming increasingly important. For its customers INGUN is the Partner for Future Technology - for example when it comes to mega-trends and innovations such as 5G, massive MIMO, Industry 4.0 and autonomous driving.

Every application is different and requires suitable testing solutions for reliable, efficient contacting. INGUN offers ideally-suited test solutions between the test point and test system - our modular portfolio of accessories, test fixture kits, and test probes make it possible to configure the right solution for every requirement. In the following section, you will find an overview of the most important applications and details of what is important for contacting.