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Are you looking for additional information about INGUN test fixture kits, test probes or our customising accessories? Here you will find short videos and helpful tutorials for all three categories.

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Test fixture kits

Modular, robust, dependable

How-to Video: INGUN manual test fixture MA21xx
Discover our MA21xx manual test fixture range: it features a high contact force, excellent ergonomic design, and the easy interchangeable kit system.

Product video: INGUN - manual test fixture, dual stage version / self-opening
The manual test fixture in standardised dual-stage design for the combined in-circuit (ICT) and functional test (FCT) is impressively effective. The electric self-opener offers you increased productivity in the test field.

Test probes

Versatile, precise, reliable

How-to Video: VKF-618 high current probe - installation and function
VKF-618 probes enable easy, gentle contacting. Here we show you how to install it and how it works.

How-to Video: INGUN - Changing the inner and outer conductor of HF pins
Changing made easy. Exchange the inner and outer conductor for lasting RF performance.

How-to Video: INGUN - torque screwdriver DW-X-S
Insertion tool for test probes is easy to use and makes it even easier to replace worn test probes.

How-to Video: INGUN extraction & insertion tool SW-ZW-WP-xxxA
Assembly and test tools for test probes. Control of defective test probes by connection to the test system. Quick replacement of test probes by the tool.

Customising accessories

Diverse, exact, durable

Produktvideo: INGUN - Zusatzausbauten und Zubehör für manuelle Prüfadapter MA2xxx & MA3xxx Serie
Die neue Markiereinheit ME-E wird zur prozesssicheren Kennzeichnung geprüfter Elektronik-Baugruppen verwendet.
Durch umfangreiche Optimierungen am Anschlusskabel mit neuem Drehschnellverschluss, an der Graviereinheit mit
neuer Pfeilmarkierung und am Markierkopf mit neuem Doppel-Ritzstichel konnte die Handhabung weiter vereinfacht
und die Performance weiter gesteigert werden.

Product video: INGUN additional components and accessories for manual test fixture series MA2xxx & MA3xxx
The INGUN modular system is made to measure: we present our additional components and suitable accessories for manual test fixtures.

Product video: Infinite product variety - always the right accessories for your test fixture
Discover INGUN's unsurpassed range of test probes and test fixtures. Our products are characterised by the highest quality and absolute precision - Made in Germany.