Functional unit divided into its individual components

Increase functionality
using functional units

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With the use of functional units (FB) the function of manual test fixtures MA xxxx and exchangeable kits ATS MAxx can be expanded as required. For example, the ease of use and the testing reliability increases or the handling times are reduced.


  1. Box for push buttons
  2. Self-opening unit (electric/pneumatic)
  3. NDH closed-locking mechanism (normally open)
  4. Safety switch (magnetic actuators)
  5. Safety switch (actuator)
  6. Box for push buttons
  7. Safety switch (magnetic)
  8. NDH closed-locking mechanism (normally closed)
  9. NDH open-locking mechanism
  10. NDH closed-locking mechanism (normally closed)
  11. LED lighting (green/red)
  12. Metal handle (hinged)
  13. ESD customisation

All the functional units can be easily mounted on test fixture or exchangeable kits by customers themselves.

Depending on tasks to be performed, INGUN offers a comprehensive range of functional units to simplify handling for its customers. For example, check to manage essential control tasks, lifting units for fixtures following test completion, open stop limits to limit the pressure frame unit and self-opening unit to open the manual test fixtures automatically. You will find your solutions here:

We provide installation instructions describing the processing steps required for easy installation for each functional unit.

You will find the corresponding compatibility matrix of which function modules are suitable for your manual test fixture or exchangeable kit in our catalogue and on our website

Download compatibility matrix