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for medical technology:
The highest demands and digital progress

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In one respect, medical technology is subject to similar developments as other industries. Devices and equipment are increasingly being networked, data volume and availability are increasing, and the operating room is being digitised - right down to trial operations on the virtual heart.

On the other hand, medical technology places particularly high demands on products, especially when it comes to life-saving systems, such as ventilators or defibrillators. Here suitable contacting solutions from INGUN ensure the reliability required of electronic products.


Gentle contact in the smallest of spaces to comply with standards

The application-specific products from INGUN are subject to special conditions. Here the highest quality of test equipment and test solutions is required. It is not uncommon for specialised materials to be used - while others must not be used in order to guarantee food safety and biocompatibility.

The key factor of product safety also includes the high availability and supply capability of our contacting solutions - in some cases for 10 years or more.

Short-stroke test probes play a particularly important role in contacting medical technology assemblies and electronic components. They combine low installation height with high spring force and enable direct contacting, as well as transfer solutions in the smallest of spaces.

INGUN technology in an X-ray unit

Innovative test equipment pioneers in digital medical technology

Medical technology will also develop dynamically in the coming years and decades: Trends such as the use of artificial intelligence, electronic implants, high-precision camera technology and robotics, as well as digital hearing aids, for example with built-in real-time translation, present companies with new challenges. Products and contacting solutions from INGUN will continue to contribute to saving and improving lives in the future.


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