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Aviation and aerospace are traditional high-tech industries which have developed in different ways. While trends in aviation are similar to those in the automotive sector - for example, emission reduction, autonomy, networking and digitalisation - space travel is very dynamic. Several countries and commercial companies are driving development forward: from ambitious satellite programs to planetary research and deep space projects.

However, both industries have one thing in common: their role as lead-edge applications with the highest technological requirements, often at the limits of what is feasible.


Certified quality and precision from INGUN

INGUN focuses on close cooperation with aerospace companies in order to provide the best possible testing solutions. A predominant trend here is also the continuing miniaturisation of electronic components - up to the omission of pads due to space restrictions and a grid size of only fractions of a millimetre. Extensive tests in climatic chambers and other specialised tests are also part of the requirement profile of the aerospace industry. INGUN has the appropriate laboratory technology, for example for ESD, shield attenuation, and high current measurements.

With regard to the range of solutions used, radio frequency solutions play a major role, for example for plug connectors such as SMA and SMP as well as for high transmission powers, which are indispensable for robust communication in and to space. High data rates and the rapid development of high-precision test solutions for innovative connectors characterise not least current developments in the aerospace industry.

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