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Connectors are an indispensable element of the modern electrified, networked world because they make the modular structuring of assemblies and devices, systems, or installations possible.

The multitude of possible applications has led to a very large variety of connectors due to different standards regarding shape, design, and electrical signals. For example, there are round and flat connectors, coaxial and PCB connectors, and many more.


Modularly-designed, quick-exchange test plugs

At the microelectronic level, i.e. with PCB connectors, a distinction is made between wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board applications, as well as between direct and indirect contacting: indirect means that the connector is connected to a mating part, whereas direct contacting means that it is directly connected to the PCB conductor tracks.

INGUN's testing technology solutions ensure precise, self-centring contacting of connectors. Customers have a wide selection of standardised test plugs (PS) available for the efficient contacting of USB, RJ, HDMI, TAE, DC, and other connectors. These are modularly constructed from test plugs adapted to the test requirements and the test plug receptacle (PSA), so that a quick set-up and replacement of used test probes is possible.

Tailor-made test technology for every interface

Connectors are part of countless products and devices from various fields of application such as automotive and industrial electronics, data technology and telecommunications, but also house-hold and consumer electronics. Increasingly powerful processors and memory components are driving the development towards smaller, more complex and intelligent systems - the prerequisites for this are standardised interfaces for connectors, together with the right test technology.

With a modular complete system consisting of innumerable individual, coordinated components, INGUN is able to provide the right testing solution for every requirement. Specialised products such as tulip probes or push-back probes in combination with side approach mechanisms with variable strokes, as well as matching fixture kits ensure individual and efficient testing solutions.  

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