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Reliable transmission of high currents

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High current test probes (HSS) are used in many industries and for applications with high currents, e.g. for testing, for function tests, for signal transmission, for power supply, in production and as a built-in contact element. Another field of application is precise measurements, for which test probes with very low internal resistance are required, so-called low-ohm test probes.

For reliable transmission of high currents, the plungers in INGUN high current test probes consist of two parts. During the stroke movement the plunger parts are deflected away from each other in a radial direction. In doing so, the plunger parts press against the barrel and the transfer resistance is reduced. This principle allows the transmission of high currents with limited warming.

High current probes installation options

The high current test probes can either be pressed or screwed into the receptacle. Installation without a receptacle (KS) is also possible.

Screw-in probes are recommended for applications with vibrations, overhead installation, and where there is a danger of test probe moving out of the receptacle (snapping effect).

  1. Standard high current test probes (press-in) - High current, precise measurements
  2. Standard high current test probes (screw-in) - High current, precise measurements
  3. Short-stroke and long-stroke high current test probes - Limited installation space /dual-stage fixture
  1. Dipole high current probes (Kelvin probes) & four-wire measurement
  2. High current clamps (flat / round) - Flat connector blades / bolts
  3. Robust high current probes (probes / contact terminal) - Harsh ambient conditions

Depending on the application and the related test demands, INGUN offers various high current test probes (HSS):