Our modular system for your application

INGUN offers its customers in a variety of industries tailor-made contacting solutions for reliable, efficient contacting between test point and test system for a multitude of applications. The best solution can be compiled from the very extensive portfolio of customisation accessories, test probes, and test fixture kits to meet individual test requirements. 

Depending on the industry and application, the available products and components are further differentiated in order to best meet specific contacting requirements. Coordinated complete solutions which are specific to individual applications are used, for example, in the automotive, energy, medical technology, telecommunications and aerospace industries.

From automotive to solar technology

Depending on the type of component to be contacted – whether it be printed circuit boards, connectors, battery cells, or radio frequency, and high current applications - there are also additional requirements in terms of geometry, measurement methods, component load, and other criteria. 

With their extensive range of innovative components and solutions which are continually being developed, INGUN is your worldwide partner for efficient development and quality assurance of modern electrical and electronic components. We supply individually configured contacting solutions suitable for every application.