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Radio frequency (HFS) and dipole test probes are used in a wide range of industries. They enable precise and replicable measurement of RF performance and contact resistance. High measurement accuracy, repeatability, and a long service life are essential for RF probes.

In order to meet these requirements and ensure outstanding product quality of its RF probes, INGUN operates its own RF laboratory. Here production conditions are simulated while electrical and mechanical endurance tests are carried out to achieve optimum contacting.

RF probes for every application

For the optimal fulfilment of the test requirements in the radio frequency range, various versions of probes are available: Selection criteria are the test point to be contacted, the frequency or data rate, the installation area, and the ambient conditions.


RF test probes can be used to contact plug connectors, miniature switches and PCB test points These are used as follows:

ontacting of a miniature switch

Connectorss are used flexibly to connect RF components such as cables and circuit board modules. In the automotive industry, for example, FAKRA or HSD connectors are used to transmit audio and video signals. Miniature connectors such as U.FL connectors are used to connect radio modules in mobile phones or tablets.

Contacting of a plug connection

Miniature switches are used to briefly interrupt and check the RF signal, a chip or PCB antenna, or in a mobile phone or tablet.

Contacting a PCB test point

PCB test points are structures where RF signals can be contacted directly on the PCB. Depending on the nature of the PCB and the application, these are differently shaped pads.

Dipole test probes with coaxial design

Due to their coaxial design, the dipole test probes developed by INGUN are ideally suited for carrying out four-wire measurements. These allow the voltage to be measured directly at the contact surface and the resistance can be precisely determined. In addition, connection tests can be carried out on coaxial connectors.

Depending on the application, different grid sizes, tip styles, and dimensions are available for these probes. The installation of the dipole contact probes is done by mounting them in corresponding receptacles. The connection is made either using a plug or by soldering the receptacle.

Test plugs

Connectors such as USB, RJ or HDMI are currently used in a wide variety of applications in the telecommunications and automotive sector. The corresponding INGUN range of test plugs (PS) is used for contacting digital USB and HDMI high speed connectors, as well as digital network and telephone connectors.

INGUN test plugs offer precise, low-wear contacting, high data transmission rates, and a long service life, thus enabling a wide range of practical applications. In addition, optional floating mounts are offered for optimum alignment to the socket, thus compensating for assembly tolerances and avoiding side loads.

  • Precise, low-wear contacting
  • Outstanding service life 
  • Reliable data transmission
  • Floating assembly
  • Compatible with existing series
  • Signal transmission via original connector plug
Test plug

RF test probes are available from INGUN for the following connectors and miniature switches:

For detailed information on the calibration of RF probes, please refer to our white paper.
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Radio-frequency probe HFS-819 319 090 A20743RV5-H3 Item HFS-819-0034
  • For testing HSD connectors (Rosenberger)
  • Used for the transmission of high-speed data for navigation and entertainment in automotive engineering.
  • For high data rates, e.g. LVDS signals, GVIF or USB
  • Freely movable bearing
  • Installation: press directly into the mounting plate or via flange mounting
  • Cable interface optionally with original HSD plug as well as INGUN plug
Radio-frequency probe HFS-807 303 051 A 6842 HTE-M Item HFS-807-0001
  • For testing FAKRA-mini connectors e.g. HFM (Rosenberger) or Mate-AX (TE Connectivity)
  • Used mainly in future technologies for the automotive market (e.g. autonomous driving)
  • Radio-frequency test probes for best radio frequency performance and data transmission
  • Modular design, test probe combination for single, double or quadruple housing can be used or installed in floating mount HAS-807
  • Cable interface high-speed SMPM male, connection cable SMPM female
Radio-frequency probe HFS-810 303 150 A 9342 F Item HFS-810-0163
  • Long standard series
  • Up to 2 GHz
  • Cable interface MCX
  • Plug-in version
  • Receptacles: KS-810, KS-810 R, KS-810 F
Radio-frequency probe HFS-860 303 074 A 5343 Y6 Item HFS-860-0003
  • Long standard series
  • Up to 6 GHz
  • Cable interface MCX
  • Plug-in version
  • Receptacles: KS-810, KS-810 R, KS-810 F
Adapter, coaxial HFS-ADA-MCX-M-SMA-F Item HFS-ADA-MCX-M-SMA-F
  • To adapt the interface of radio-frequency probes in the HFS-810, HFS-840, HFS-860, HFS-410 and HFS-440 series.
Radio-frequency probe HFS-802 314 051 A 8042 HMTD Item HFS-802-0001
  • For testing differential connectors (e.g. LV 214 / USCAR)
  • Used mainly in future technologies for the automotive market (e.g. autonomous driving)
  • Consistent radio-frequency performance for data transmission
  • Modular design, test probe combination for single, double, or quadruple housing
  • Cable interface H-MTD
Radio-frequency probe HFS-840 303 090 A 5343 Y6 Item HFS-840-0018
  • Long standard series
  • Up to 4 GHz
  • Cable interface MCX
  • Plug-in version
  • Receptacles: KS-810, KS-810 R, KS-810 F
Radio-frequency probe HFS-856 303 051 A 5543 UFL-H Item HFS-856-0024
  • For contacting plug connectors, micro-connectors micro-switches
  • Up to 12 GHz
  • Cable interface SMA
  • Installation via flange mounting