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Solar technology for energy generation using photovoltaic modules is a supporting pillar of the global energy revolution and has shown steady growth in recent years. This is also due to advances in efficiency and service life as well as new, innovative designs. We contribute to the ongoing progress of this sustainable energy resource with precisely tailor-made, application-specific testing technology.

The challenges in the contacting of solar cells lie in the realisation of compact geometries and the precise measurement of current and voltage on the device under test - the more a cell demonstrably performs, the more valuable it is. With technologies such as four-wire contacting and innovative spring concepts, INGUN succeeds in enabling reliable measurements. These are decisive in optimising the fill factor and therefore the performance of the solar modules.

INGUN fulfils the requirements for contacting current metallisations very well. Further technologies are constantly being researched and developed, also in cooperation with our customers, partners, and scientific institutions. In this way we ensure that customers always have application specific, ideally-suited testing solutions available which offer added value thanks to reliable, efficient, and durable contacting. In this dynamically growing market, the focus is always on ensuring cost-efficient production.

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