INGUN offers a comprehensive, varied range of customising accessories which enable customers to customise their test fixtures according to their test requirements. Various components are used for DUT-specific customisation, depending on the test requirements, condition, and configuration of the electronic module. 

INGUN offers a very large selection of high quality accessories for the customisation of test fixtures - suitable for every testing requirement.

Modular systems tailored to your needs

The very extensive range of accessories includes various assemblies, functional units, and individual components for both standard and project-specific customisation of test fixtures, exchangeable kits, and interchangeable kits. These include the following components, among others:

  • PCB support pins (PAS)
  • Tooling pins (FS/GFS)
  • Pre-centring pins (VZ)
  • Pushrods (NHS)
  • Spring-loaded test probes (GKS)
  • Receptacles (KS)
  • Marking units (ME)
  • Side approach mechanisms (SAM)
  • Connectors (STK)
  • Test plugs (PS)
  • Screwing units (SBE)
  • Button activators (TAB)
  • LED analysers
  • Fibre optic cables (LWL)
  • Compressed air hoses (PUN)
  • Interface blocks (SB)
  • Multipoint connectors (VG)
  • Transfer fields (TF)
  • Gas pressure springs (GDF)
  • Guide bushes (FUB)
  • Guide pins (FUS)
  • Springs (FED)
  • ESD kits
  • Stroke-limiting disks (HBS)
  • Stroke sensors (HMK)
  • Stroke counters (HZ)
  • Snap-on fasteners
  • Test probes for interfaces
  • Contact terminals (KT)
Possible components for a DUT-specific customisation based on the fixture shown here