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Radio frequency technology is one of the keys to innovation and networking on a global scale: wireless data transmission of the fifth (5G) and sixth generation (6G) is combining future technologies such as autonomous driving, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Massive MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output). Industry 4.0 - the modular, highly automated, individual production method in the smart factory - demands further progress in RF technology. Radio frequency contacting solutions from INGUN are mainly used in the automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics sectors.

New emerging frequency ranges, maximum signal quality, and increasingly higher data rates also present new challenges for testing technology. Suitable contacting solutions for various frequency ranges are already part of the standard; solutions for other frequencies are realised in development projects with customers. Thanks to the expertise of their specialists worldwide, INGUN also masters various regional and local conditions.


Ready for 5G: Testing solutions for all frequency ranges

Thanks to the large selection of innovative radio frequency test probes and RF test fixture kits, as well as suitable customising accessories, INGUN is able to supply all components required between the test point and test system.

Radio frequency (RF) test probes from INGUN are characterised by their ideal suitability for, and the reliable contacting of, the device under test (DUT). They provide excellent performance at high data rates, as well as maximum signal quality even in the limit range. The RF test fixtures from INGUN are designed as an exchangeable test fixture system and offer interference-free measurement of radio frequency signals thanks to their RF-compatible shielding. In addition, they can be set up quickly, without tools, and can be used without readjustment.

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