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INGUN is one of the leading manufacturers of spring-loaded test probes and supplies numerous companies in the electronics industry via a worldwide distribution network. We are a company which is successful worldwide due to our innovation, quality, and reliability.

We are looking for suppliers that meet these demands and pursue the same goal of customer satisfaction. For you to become a member of our supplier network, we need to get to know you and your company structure, targets and potential.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Supplier application

We are looking for suppliers who share with us the common goal to satisfy our customers 100%.

Range of needs

We are looking for specialists for micro-turned and micro-deep-drawn parts with the highest precision and small tolerances. This includes specialists who master the turning of long and short turned parts with a diameter of < 1 mm on CNC and cam-controlled machines. Complete machining, such as the drilling of cross holes or milling with one clamping operation, should be part of your daily business and no longer pose a great challenge. Proficiency in re-work processes such as de-burring or hardening of parts is also a must. You must be able to machine steel, brass, and copper beryllium with process reliability. Your production batches start at 100 pieces.


We would like to show all existing and future suppliers the way to a close, trusting, fair, and cooperative partnership. A decisive aspect in this cooperation is a high degree of flexibility, product quality, and adherence to delivery schedules. Our customers increasingly demand shorter delivery times and better adaptation to market conditions. We can only achieve this with your full support.