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Besides the classic range of test probes for the testing of PC boards and components, other test probes are available as test accessories.

In addition, INGUN offers a wide range of tools and components for the reliable, efficient handling of test probes of all kinds.

  1. Interface test probes and contact terminals - signal transfer points layout
  2. Stroke measuring probes - checking the working stroke of a probe or PCB
  3. PCB support pins - probes for secure support of the PCB in the test fixture
  4. Working stroke

Test probes as accessories

  1. Tool to insert receptacle with fixed depth (stop)
  2. Tool to insert receptacle with variable depths (press-ring)
  3. Extraction tool for easy removal of receptacle
  4. Tool to insert probe in receptacle
  5. Tool to insert probe in and remove probe from receptacle (head Ø > plunger shaft Ø)
  1. Screw in and unscrew standard test probes - Torque screwdriver
  2. Screw in and unscrew standard test probes - Bit insert for barrel with spanner flat
  3. Screw in and unscrew standard test probes - Bit insert for interlocking connection

Insertion tools

INGUN tools make an important contribution to secure, precise testing. Only with optimally installed receptacles (KS) and test probes, can reliable testing be guaranteed.

Depending on the receptacle (KS) and test probe (GKS) to be installed, various tools and bits are available. Receptacles are pressed into the probe plate, either up to the collar stop or by pressing the press-ring to allow for variable adjustment of the installation height.

Depending on their design, spring-loaded test probes are pressed into or screwed into the receptacle using a suitable tool. For these, INGUN offer  optimally matched bit inserts, according to tip style and diameter of the probe.