• INGUN S-Line – Socketless Line

    Testing without receptacles 

The new socketless series from INGUN (S-Line) with S-Line test probes and S-Line contact terminals enables testing without receptacles. Due to the omission of receptacles, our S-Line test probes fit in common grid sizes, despite being larger in diameter, and offer better mechanical durability. Thanks to the precise, robust S-Line test probes, you can test accurately using precise, replicable signals in a small grid.

All advantages of the socketless series at a glance:

  • Use of larger test probes for increased contacting accuracy and longer service life
  • Minimal grid dimensions due to omission of receptacles (socketless)
  • Available for 031, 039, 050, and 075 Mil grids
  • Compatible with existing socketless systems
  • Standard and long-stroke versions available for dual-stage contacting set-ups
  • Large selection of tip styles and spring forces for optimal contact with the test point
  • Variable installation height allows for optimal consideration of different test point levels
  • Can be implemented in all test fixtures available on the market
  • Compatible with all existing manufacturing and installation techniques
  • Simple electrical connection thanks to standardised procedures

How S-Line technology works

These numerous advantages are achieved thanks to the concept using the S-Line test probe with an S-Line contact terminal (KT) mounted below.

The S-Line contact terminal is pressed into the S-Line contact terminal plate (SKP). The test probe is then fitted onto the contact terminal, thus creating a durable, reliable electrical connection. The omission of a receptacle allows the S-Line test probe to be installed in close proximity to each other.

Whereas the maximum diameter of the receptacle is decisive for the grid size when using standard test probes, in the S-Line range, the pitch distance is determined by the diameter of the test probe.

The installation height of the entire S-Line system (test probe and contact terminal) is adjusted by varying the insertion depth of the contact terminal in the plate. This is possible thanks to two press rings on the contact terminal, meaning that various test point levels (e.g., pad or pin) can be taken into account for an optimum test set-up.

  • Comparison of S-Line test probes and standard test probes (GKS)

Improved contacting accuracy for reliable contact

The accuracy of the S-Line test probes is improved by the guide plate and the contact terminal with the two press rings. The two press rings ensure centric alignment of the contact terminal in the mounting hole.

A wide range of tip styles and spring forces are available for optimum contact with the test point. The new S-Line series also includes test probes with increased spring pre-load (E version) to provide more force to penetrate any contamination present on the test point.

Easy integration and installation in common test fixtures

Socketless test probes are available with a standard stroke or a long stroke for dual-stage contacting applications. If maintenance is required, these probes can be exchanged as easily as conventional test probes. The test probes are simply removed from the contact terminal and new ones are installed. The wiring on the contact terminal remains intact.

The electrical connection is made via the contact terminal itself. Wire-wrap, wireless, or wire-grip versions of the contact terminals are available. In general, S-Line test probes can be easily installed in all common test fixtures, such as Keysight, Terradyne, Tornos, etc.

Well-known production equipment and installation procedures are used in the production of S-Line fixtures. This means that the S-Line fixture plates are manufactured using the same milling and drilling machines as plates used for conventional test probes.

Kits for INGUN test fixture kits

Using the new S-Line kits (SBU), the INGUN test fixture kits can be easily upgraded to perform precise, reliable contacting.

The S-Line kits consist of a set of plates with fittings. These are compatible with the standard exchangeable kits ATS MAxx used with the manual test fixtures in the MA xxxx series as well as for the vacuum test fixtures VA 2070S/i3070 for Keysight offline test systems. Depending on the version, the kits consist of between two and four plates, which are easily and quickly installed underneath the probe plate.


  • Precise, reliable contacting in small grids
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Extensive, detailed customisation guidelines
  • Plate material is deflection-resistant FR4

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