Endoscopy device

Reliable data transmission
and power supply
for high-end endoscopes


Schölly Fiberoptic, a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of 2D and 3D endoscopes and cameras, is a valued customer we supply with individually-configured components for an interface between their electronics and camera system. They have successfully used our three-part test solution for the transmission of high-quality images for years.

Endoscopes are camera systems that are just millimetres in diameter and allow deep insights into cavities. They are used for minimally invasive procedures, particularly in the medical field, but also in the technical field - well-known applications include gastroscopies and colonoscopies. Advances in sensor technology and image processing - 3D images in HD resolution are now standard - continue to drive the miniaturisation of endoscopes, so that the possibilities for interventions in living organisms are constantly expanding.

High-quality data combined with easy handling

Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH has almost 50 years of experience with medical technology and industrial applications. Since 2015, the manufacturer has relied on our components for a detachable interface in camera systems for endoscopic visualisation. This connects the control unit via various camera heads and ensures a reliable connection for power supply, communication, and video signal transmission.

Peter Breul, Test Probe Project Administrator at INGUN, explains the cooperation: "The contact was established at a trade show before the pandemic. At the request of the customer, we designed a customised solution with specific geometry, which was perfected by software simulation. The goal was to combine the best possible data transmission with durability and easy handling."

The customised solution, based on renowned products from our standard portfolio, consists of three components: a spring-loaded test probe (GKS-151 307 076 A 0600), a receptacle (KS-151 30) where the probe is installed and a contact terminal (KT-151 102 080 L-A) that is attached to the camera unit. The result is a pluggable connection between the electronic control system and the invasive part - the actual endoscope - at the tip of which is the camera lens. "In order to avoid interfering effects and to achieve a high signal quality, the test probe was designed with the help of a built-in ball bearing which means that the individual components are forcibly deflected. The receptacle serves as a mechanical mount and electrical connection to enable easy replacement of the probe," explains Peter Breul.

Durable and reliable over years of use

Detailed view of endoscopy unit with installed INGUN products

To achieve a low-impedance and impedance-matched connection, the transmission path was kept as short and homogeneous as possible, which is also reflected in the differential impedance achieved. In addition, the plastic sheathing was chosen by the customer to ensure the interface also withstands frequent disinfection.

“We are very satisfied with INGUN's solution,” says Michael Winkler, Senior Design Engineer at Schölly Fiberoptics. "All three connections - power supply, communication, and video signal - were realised using standard INGUN parts. In addition, the unit is robust in terms of tolerances and tilting movements. An ideal comprise between a compact design and durability was achieved and various cable diameters are easy to handle."

The solution has now become the standard at Schölly. It was also designed by INGUN as a modular system so that the interface can be expanded with additional probe pairs - for example to enable higher data transfer rates in the future.

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Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH is a globally active company with family values based in Denzlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Southwest Germany. Their focus is on the engineering, approval, production, and worldwide service of customer-specific visualisation systems for the business fields of medical endoscopy and visual inspection.

From endoscopes, camera systems, and light modules to complex visualisation systems, the company offers a wide range of products and services. The entire range of services aims to provide users with an excellent view of their field of application and enable new perspectives for health and technical progress.

The company was founded in 1973 and employs over 550 people worldwide, approximately 350 of which work at the headquarters in Denzlingen. Together with the headquarters, the six sales and service branches are responsible for the support of globally active customers as well as for the acquisition of new projects. The share of development costs is over 10%.

Aesculap AG has been the main shareholder since April 2021. The Schölly family remains a major shareholder.