Vacuum test fixture (VA)

Vacuum test fixtures (VA) are designed as stand-alone test fixtures, primarily without customisations. They are available in different sizes with and without test system interface and are compatible with all common test systems and interfaces. 

The vacuum cassettes are designed for single-sided, single-stage or for single-sided, dual-stage contacting for performing the combined FCT/ICT test. The single-sided dual-stage contacting is implemented with an electrically operated shifting plate. The ICT is performed in the first stage and the FCT test is performed in the second stage, which is approx. 5 mm above the first stage. With appropriate customisations, e.g. in the form of an additional contact unit (ZSK), an additional single-stage contact can be implemented from above, so that the vacuum test fixture is equipped for double-sided contacting. Vacuum test fixtures are suitable for tests with vacuum-operated test systems, in which the parallel contact stroke is automatically generated by means of vacuum (negative pressure), and for contacting electronic assemblies with high quantities (mass testing) and a small number of PCB verisons.