Board marker probe

Board marker probes (ME), or marking units, are intended for the reliable marking of PCBs, non-hardened metals or electrical units, tested and found to be "good". They leave a permanent mark in the shape of a circle or a circular point. Board marker probes are installed in a test fixture or an exchangeable kit, are space saving, and can be precisely positioned. Electrical marking units (ME-E) and pneumatic marking units (ME-P)) are available.

With the electrically operated board marker probes, the spring-loaded marking engraver is pressed against the surface of the electronic assembly during the test procedure. The board marker probe is typically powered with 12 V DC for about 1.0 s in the contacted state. The rotary motion caused by the spring-loaded marking engraver permanently marks the electronic assembly by mechanical scratching or cutting a circle of Ø 2 mm. 

In the pneumatically operated marking units, the marking engraver is rotated by compressed air. At the same time, a lifting movement is also performed so that the marking engraver is pressed onto the electronic assembly and the rotary movement marks the DUT permanently with a circle of Ø 2.0 mm or with a > Ø 1.0 mm circular point. As soon as the compressed air is switched off, the marking engraver is moved back to its initial position by the internal spring.