PCB testing
with Mass Interconnect


A Mass Interconnect interface from ODU compatible with the manual test fixtures in the MA 20xx, MA 21xx and MA 32xx series is now available for particularly efficient PCB testing.

Mass Interconnect (MI) systems offer an efficient, modular, option to test printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies with a high degree of flexibility. INGUN offers Mass Interconnect interfaces from a single source in cooperation with ODU: Customers can install the suitable interface from the ODU-MAC® Black Line system and combine this with an INGUN test fixture from the MA 20xx, MA 21xx or MA 32xx series.

Each MI interface can be equipped with up to 12 docking frames, which can be used with a range of 32 modules. These ensure the reliable transmission of signals, current, high frequency, high voltage, media (air/fluids) as well as light waves and vacuum. The modules are installed in the frame using a tool-free clip assembly, meaning an optimal connection between test point and test system can easily be established.

12 docking frames, 32 modules and up to 4,608 signal contacts

A maximum of up to 4,608 signal contacts can be realised using a single interface. Mass Interconnect is also optionally available with electromechanical engagement; thanks to its small footprint and push-button operation, this also allows automation in an inline test system. In addition, the interface is equipped with a quick-locking system and eight tensioning points to enable even mating and prevent frame deformation.

Thanks to the new partnership with ODU, INGUN is able to provide customers with a new complete solution - consisting of test fixture, MI interface and spring-loaded test probes - from a single source . Yet another step on our way to making testing as easy as possible - simplify your test assembly!

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Got any questions about the new Mass Interconnect interface or the partnership between INGUN and ODU? Please contact Area Sales Manager Alexander Weinzierl.

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