New long-stroke GKS series
and new tip styles
in the international standard probe range


Spring-loaded test probes which meet international standards are well-established test probes for ICT and FCT tests of printed circuit boards, which do not have a collar. Depending on the working stroke of the test fixture or the components/test points to be contacted, different installation heights are necessary. These are achieved by the appropriate combination of test probe and receptacle.

New long-stroke GKS for 1 mm grid

Using long-stroke probes, ICT and FCT can be combined in a dual-stage test fixture. By introducing the new GKS-013 probe, INGUN is following the trend towards miniaturisation and now also offers long-stroke probes for 40-mil grids. For optimum contact to the DUT, these are available with various tip styles and spring forces; the optimum installation height is, as usual, achieved using the receptacle.

New tip styles for five GKS series

Three new tip styles are now available for the GKS-040 and GKS-100 series with standard stroke. Between four or six (GKS-135) new tip styles are available for the GKS-015, GKS-035, and GKS-135 series for optimum contact with the test specimen. 

Detailed information and illustrations of the individual products and tip styles can be found in the corresponding data sheets - as well as in the online shop: