Push-back test

When connecting the plug connector of a cable harness, it is not only important that the contact terminals are in the correct position, but also that they stay fixed in this position and cannot be pushed back. This is tested in the push-back test.

Push-back probes with a spring force of up to 34 N are used for this test. These probes also have a continuous plunger. Typically the push-back probes are installed in test modules in cable harness test tables. 

During the test, the push-back probes are pressed against the contact terminal, as illustrated by the arrow. If the contact lamella stays in the correct position, the plunger of the push-back probe performs a downwards stroke movement. This creates contact with a test probe(1) or switching probe (2 or 3) installed below, which confirms whether or not the contact lamella is in the correct position. When switching probes with plastic tips styles are used, voltage free detection tests can be performed (here an additional circuit is closed).