Radio frequency test technology
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5G is currently establishing itself as the standard in the mobile communications sector. This telecommunications standard offers even better networking in a wide range of areas - in industry as well as in the daily life of individuals. To fully utilise the new generation of mobile communications, end devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets must be equipped accordingly. This means that the market for and production of devices with 5G capabilities is growing rapidly. The challenges posed by reliably testing these devices during the production process using test probes are increasing. INGUN offers with its worldwide available portfolio the suitable and efficient test solutions for these 5G hardware tests. The INGUN portfolio, available worldwide, offers the most suitable, efficient test solutions for these 5G hardware tests.

5G campaign

When contacting electronic components and assemblies equipped for 5G, such as those found in base stations, smart phones and automotive applications reliable transmission of radio frequency signals and large data volumes is essential.

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Global development partner for 5G

  • Comprehensive portfolio for RF applications in radio frequency ranges 
  • Solutions for automotive, mobile communications, consumer electronics, infrastructure, and industry 
  • Well-established standard solutions for the frequency range up to 6 Ghz
  • Customer-specific solutions for frequencies above 6 Ghz 
  • Global expertise and availability
  • All products Made in Germany in accordance with the highest quality standards

High-precision contacting,
efficient testing

Radio frequency probes (HFS) from INGUN are characterised by:

  • High-precision fit
  • Outstanding performance at high data rates
  • High signal quality even in the mmWave frequency spectrum
  • Consistent, reliable contacting of devices under test
  • Modularity and variety
  • Compact, robust design
  • Consistent performance over the entire service life

You will find more detailed information about our RF and dipole products here:

Radio-frequency test probe HFS-802
  • For testing differential connectors (e.g. LV 214 / USCAR)
  • Used mainly in future technologies for the automotive market (e.g. autonomous driving)
  • Consistent radio-frequency performance for data transmission
  • Modular design, test probe combination for single, double, or quadruple housing
  • Cable interface H-MTD
Radio-frequency test probe HFS-819
  • For testing HSD connectors (Rosenberger)
  • Used for the transmission of high-speed data for navigation and entertainment in automotive engineering.
  • For high data rates, e.g. LVDS signals, GVIF or USB
  • Freely movable bearing
  • Installation: press directly into the mounting plate or via flange mounting
  • Cable interface optionally with original HSD plug as well as INGUN plug
Radio-frequency test probe HFS-890
  • Long standard series for the most challenging RF requirement
  • Up to 18 GHz
  • Cable interface SMPM or SMPM-T
  • Plug-in version
  • Receptacles: KS-810, KS-810 R, KS-810 F