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A cable harness is a ready-made bundle of individual cables that transmits signals or working currents. The cables are routed as a cable harness and sheathed, or held together by clamps, cable ties, binding twine, or hoses. 

Despite advancing automation, cable harnesses are usually manufactured manually, and are assembled according to geometric and electrical requirements.

Individual solutions readily available

In addition to requirements that also apply in other areas - such as miniaturisation and cost efficiency as well as higher currents, signal rates, and frequencies - cable harness testing applications are characterised by great diversity with little standardisation.

This means that many contacting solutions are developed to meet individual needs, and development times are becoming shorter and shorter. We at INGUN ensure that suitable test solutions for cable harness tests are quickly available for customers.

Close up of  receptacle with stop-collar

From a functional point of view, various types of test probes as well as different tip styles play a role in the testing of cable harnesses: screw-in test probes prevent the test probe from migrating out of the receptacle; step probes are used for the position test. Switching test probes can be used for detection and position tests of plugs and clips, for example. In addition, push back probes are used to check whether the contact terminal is correctly engaged in the plug housing. Non-rotating probes are best used for contacting sockets or flat connectors.

Measure current and voltage directly at the test point

Dipole test probes play an important role in the cable harness test application by measuring current and voltage directly at the test point. In the future, smaller grid sizes and the transmission of increasingly higher currents will require powerful yet cost-effective contacting solutions - and this with the capability to delivery quickly.


Test probes for cable harness applications at a glance

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