G&C take over
the Customised
Test Fixture Division
under the new brand name MOTECO

As a Partner for Future Technology, we have chosen to focus fully on our core competence: the development, manufacture, and distribution of sophisticated test components needed for reliable contact between the test point and the test system. 

From the world's most diverse selection of test probes, a wide range of modular test fixture kits and high-precision customising accessories, you will receive everything from just one source, based on the motto: Simplify your Test Assembly.  However, the DUT-specific customisation of test fixtures will no longer be within the scope of our services as of 1st January 2021. 

Focus on excellence in core business and cooperation with customers

Looking ahead, we are convinced that our customers will benefit from this. Focusing on our core competence enables us to invest even more in the technological progress of our products and our service. 

As a single-source supplier of test fixture components, we can now respond even more specifically to the individual testing requirements of our customers and supply the appropriate test components for the construction of test solutions. Producers of manufacturing equipment, test fixture houses, and test system manufacturers worldwide will now benefit equally from our technological expertise.

„Thanks to our refined service portfolio and consistent customer orientation, we secure a unique and sustainable competitive position in the market.“

Jochen Müller, Managing Director at INGUN

Customised test fixtures still available with high-quality INGUN components

We are delighted to be able to present a successor for our Customised Test Fixture Division. We have had the pleasure of working with this company for many years and know first-hand that they share our high standard of quality. 

DIVMAC SA is a subsidiary of the established Pinto Brazil Group with headquarters in Portugal; its company portfolio also includes MTS - Mechanical Technology Systems Deutschland GmbH. DIVMAC already successfully manufactures testing solutions to customer-specific requirements with the highest precision. Working on the solid foundation of this expertise, DIVMAC will focus its core competence entirely on the customised test fixtures sector.

As we will continue to work with DIVMAC as a supplier of test probes, test fixture kits and customising accessories, we can guarantee that INGUN’s high-quality components are supplied when ordering in the future. In addition, a vast majority of employees from the division will be taken over by DIVMAC, ensuring INGUN’s expertise and the familiar customer service remains unchanged. Therefore, we know that our customers are in safe hands with DIVMAC when it comes to customised test fixtures.

Until the handover, operations in the Customised Test Fixtures Division will of course continue unrestricted and we will also accept new orders. Afterwards, we guarantee our customers a smooth transition and comprehensive service for all ongoing projects


INGUN looks to the future

The sale marks a decisive milestone in INGUN’s strategy, which will concentrate on its core business in the future: The development, production, and distribution of sophisticated test components for all testing requirements. Thanks to the refined service portfolio, INGUN secures a unique, sustainable competitive position.