INGUN India celebrates
its 10th anniversary

First of August is a special day for the entire INGUN Group as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our team in India. We can look back with pride and great pleasure on a very successful ten years in which we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a leading supplier of test components in the Indian market and offering our Indian customers first-class services.

Exactly ten years ago, we opened our own office in India to provide excellent customer service and technical expertise locally. INGUN was present on the Indian market with local representatives at an early stage and we have successfully expanded our presence with the establishment of our own subsidiary INGUN India on 1st August 2013.

Since then, our customer base in India has grown enormously and INGUN is the market leader in a wide range of industries there – from automotive, solar, battery and consumer electronics to solutions for 5G and other radio-frequency applications. Commitment, expertise, and passion have made INGUN India what it is today – an important part of the INGUN Group.

"Our economic success is not only reflected in our turnover figures, but above all in the satisfaction of our customers and recognition in our field. We have managed to access new markets, build partnerships, and offer innovative solutions. This would not have been possible without the trust and cooperation of our loyal customers and business partners. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all," says D. Ramesh Babu, Regional Sales Manager at INGUN India.

India has enormous market potential, is home to countless fields of industry, and boasts the world's largest factories for the production of electronic products. For INGUN there are a wide range of business opportunities and enormous growth potential. The successful market entry in India reflects the global growth strategy of the INGUN Group.

The INGUN India company anniversary is not only an occasion to celebrate, but also a moment of reflection. "It reminds us how far we've come and how much potential still lies ahead. We want to use this success as an incentive to continue to grow and set new standards in the future. We aim to offer our customers and business partners outstanding products and services and prove ourselves again and again as a reliable Partner for Future Technology." says Jochen Müller, Managing Director of the INGUN Group regarding the future plans of INGUN.

INGUN owes its success to the unique team spirit, which is characterised by mutual appreciation and support. Together with its employees, business partners and customers, INGUN will continue to face the technical challenges as a Partner for Future Technology and provide optimal solutions for testing technology.

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