Festive group photo of INGUN employees from China in festive attire and holding paper signs with congratulations in their hands

INGUN expands market
position in China
10th company anniversary INGUN China

The Chinese economy has experienced impressive growth in recent years. As a Partner for Future Technology, we are delighted that INGUN is part of this success story and has established itself as an industry leader for test components and contacting solutions on the Chinese market.

Since establishing its own location in China in 2014, INGUN has been able to steadily expand its market position in the largest and most important market for electronic products. This has opened up a wide range of business opportunities and enormous growth potential for us.

The Chinese market is now one of INGUN's most important sales markets and plays a central role in the company's globalisation and growth strategy. The founding of their own location and team in China ten years ago represents one of the key milestone on the way to becoming a global player for highly developed technology solutions since the founding of the company over half a decade ago. In co-operation with its partners, INGUN relies on the highest quality Made in Germany for customer-specific applications in the sectors PCB, electronics, and wire harness testing, as well as in the precise, efficient contacting of solar and battery cells.

Thanks to our local presence, we can respond even better to the wishes of our Chinese customers and set new standards for excellent customer service. 

The anniversary of INGUN China is not only an occasion to celebrate, but also a moment to reflect on, their success. "It reminds us of how far we have come and how much potential still lies ahead of us. We want to use this success as an incentive to continue to grow and set new standards in the future. We want to offer our customers and business partners outstanding products and services and prove ourselves time and again as a reliable Partner for Future Technology" says Jochen Müller, General Manager/COO of the INGUN Group, referring to INGUN’s future plans.

With the ongoing trend towards electrification and the increasing miniaturisation of electronic components, the industry is constantly facing new challenges. Together with our business partners and customers in China and around the world, we are well prepared for these developments and look forward to actively shaping the future.

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