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Controlar and INGUN look back on 20 years of successful partnership

The cooperation between Controlar and INGUN goes back more than 20 years, to the founding of EIIT, which has been part of Controlar’s worldwide group of companies since 2011. In 2018, Controlar merged with Parsec, which was a Portuguese company specialised in industrial test systems (ATE) and was also an INGUN customer. Following the successful merger and the consolidation of the business fields of both companies, namely ICT, ISP (in-system programming), and digital testing with boundary-scan technology, the relationship with INGUN intensified.

A partnership on an equal footing 

The cooperation between Controlar and INGUN mainly serves customers in the automotive, the electrical, and aerospace industries. In a current project, the focus is on the use of several hundred test probes (mainly for FAKRA and HSD testing) on a global scale. These are part of a multitude of machines for test-ing new generation of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems in various locations around the world.

“The USA, Mexico, India, China and Malaysia are just some of the countries where markets have been jointly developed thanks to the invaluable support from INGUN at our side. We are therefore very confi-dent that we can continue this successful business model in countries where Controlar is still developing its activities - such as Germany, France, Morocco and in Eastern Europe” says Fernando Leite Global Business Manager of the Controlar Group.

Cooperation partners focus on the future

Today, INGUN and Controlar look back on a long-term partnership with mutual benefits. The initial selection of a supplier based on reliability and brand awareness proved to be a valuable resource over time: “We gradually realised that we had the best contacts and the best supplier the market had to offer.” reports Pedro Torres, CEO of Controlar Portugal. Even after many years, both sides are convinced of the strengths of this business relationship, which at its core is driven by the trust and support of Controlar and INGUN executives.

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