Solar panels and wind turbines

renewable energies
with the right testing technology


Green energy & smart energy require an efficient infrastructure for power generation, storage, and distribution. Suitable test technology ensures efficiency and reliability in operation, which in turn supports a sustainable energy supply.

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power place increased demands on the electricity grid, especially due to their fluctuating yields. In addition, some of the energy generated must be transported over long distances and flexibly in both directions (from the power plant to the "prosumer" and vice versa). All this leads to increased demands on electronic components. For solar parks, for example, power converters are needed to ensure the efficient transfer of the energy generated.

Gentle, yet efficient testing

INGUN is a leader when it comes to reliably transmitting high currents on the smallest possible surface. We ensure the reliability and durability of power electronics in the energy sector thanks to our high-performance test technology - from test probes to customising accessories to test fixtures – which can used for a wide range of applications.

High current probes (HSS) are primarily used for testing inverters and other essential power electronics in the field of renewable energies. Furthermore, test probes with low spring forces play an important role in determining the efficiency of solar cells.

The following products are examples of INGUN's comprehensive portfolio in the field of high current and ICT:

  • Standard HSS from 20 to 100 A to press in or screw in, e.g., the HSS-118, HSS-120 and HSS-150 series - used in quality assurance of power electronics, used in power converters.
  • Robust HSS for harsh test conditions, e.g. the HSS-2259 to HSS-2532 series for continuous currents up to 400 A - for applications with heavy loads due to, for example, lateral forces and vibrations during the test process.
  • Selected test probes from the ICT range for low-stress contacting of solar cells, e.g., GKS-100 302 090 A 1000 with passive plunger tips and low spring forces.

Further solutions from INGUN for applications in the field of renewable energies and high current can be found here.