New mechanical dual-stage locking units
for MA xxxxx test fixtures


Using the mechanical dual-stage locking units (FB-2VM) for MA xxxxx test fixtures, both single-stage (ICT) and dual-stage contacting (ICT/FCT combined) can be reliably performed. Two versions of the locking units are available. When using the version without electric motor, tests are performed without a self-opening unit, whereas the version with an electric motor performs tests with a self-opening unit. 

The dual-stage locking units are functional units (FB) and can be subsequently installed on MA xxxx test fixtures by customers to suit their individual testing needs. These units are designed to be compatible with other functional units. Installation is quick and easy, only the rear bearing block on the left side needs to be replaced.

All features at a glance:

  • For 1-stage or 2-stage contacting with or without self-opening unit
  • Individually configurable
  • Quick, easy installation – replacement of the rear bearing block
  • Adjustable screw to select ICT or ICT/FCT operating mode
  • Compatible with other functional units
  • Optionally available proximity switch to detect the FCT position

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