MintPin – New interface probes
for the highest signal quality


„INGUN ensures the optimal connection between test point and test system through the world's largest portfolio of test fixture kits, customising accessories, and test probes.“

As a Partner for Future Technology, you can rely on our product and solution competence: After intensive analysis of common test systems, we have used the latest methods to further develop the signal quality of the interface test probes to the highest level, enabling reliable and more precise measurements. The new MintPin significantly reduces pseudo errors as well as error messages at the interface, therefore sustainably increasing efficiency in production.

Reliable and more precise measurement has been achieved thanks to the mechanical development of the well-known interface test probes, which offer several convincing advantages:

Previous interface test probes typical Ri: < 20 mΩ
Newly developed interface test probes (MintPin) typical Ri: < 3 mΩ

The newly developed interface test probes can be installed directly in the interface in the Keysight i3070 to replace existing interface test probes and are available with 1.0N and 2.0N spring force.

They are currently available for Keysight and SPEA test systems.

Keysight i3070:

Part number    Description
GKS-100-1850    GKS-100 319 230 A 2000 Q15
GKS-100-1960    GKS-100 319 230 E 2000 Q15
GKS-100-1936    GKS-100 319 230 A 1000 Q15


Part number    Description
GKS-100-1973    GKS-100 319 180 A 1000 Q15

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