INGUN cleaning mats
extend the service life of your test probes


INGUN cleaning mats provide a quick, easy way to clean test probes with aggressive tip styles installed in test fixtures. This simple but effective maintenance procedure extends the service life of test probes and can be adapted for use in numerous applications.

As a Partner for Future Technology, INGUN aims to make testing as easy as possible for customers. Reliable, durable test probes play a major role in this. Our cleaning mats provide you with a simple but effective means of cleaning test probes installed in test fixtures and thus extending their service life.

Avoid damage to test probes

Cleaning solutions are not recommended for removing contamination from tips, as they dissolve the lubricant required for optimum operation of the test probe. Plunger tips can be effectively cleaned using cleaning brushes made from either fibreglass or brass. However, this is a time-consuming process. Sandpaper-like materials are used as cleaning materials for test socket and on-wafer applications, but these are not generally suitable for ICT/FCT applications as aggressive tip styles could penetrate the material.

The best results thanks to INGUN cleaning mats

INGUN cleaning mats provide an effective cleaning method which does not subject the plat-ing on test probe plunger tips to additional wear. Read our white paper to find out how cleaning mats can be used to achieve optimum results – and how they can be adapted for use is various applications.

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