Four tips
for checking test probes


The following tips will help you to check spring-loaded test probes and guarantee reliable contacting:

The service life of test probes depends on their application and condition. The service life of probe depends on parameters such as spring force, adherence to the recommended working stroke, the presence of side forces, current load, as well as external influences such as contamination and heat. Regular checks prevent unnecessary downtime and optimise the service life.

1. Wear on the plunger.

Mechanical wear reduces the service life of the probes. The deeper the penetration depth into the test point and the higher the spring force, the higher the wear. Side loads and deflection increase the wear of the plating layers and also reduces the service life of the test probes.

2. Clean test probes regularly.  

Cleaning mats can be used to clean pointer plunger tips. All other tip styles are cleaned with a brush or paintbrush to remove residue. Contamination such as solder residues and flux stick to the plunger tip and can cause increased resistance or pseudo errors. Extreme care should be taken when cleaning with a brush. Side loads on individual pins during cleaning can cause permanent deformation of the plunger. Brushes with metal bristles should not be used. An appropriate contact cleaning mat is helpful here. This is cut to the size of the DUT and placed in the test fixture instead of the DUT. When closing the test fixture, the test probes pierce the cleaning mat. The specialised composition of the contact cleaning mat creates the cleaning effect. For stubborn contamination, the process can be repeated several times.

3. Compliance with the mechanical and electrical data

as well the operating temperature ranges. Only then can the spring-loaded test probes guarantee reliable contacting and a long service life.

4. Use suitable insertion and extraction tools.

INGUN tools make an important contribution to reliable, precise testing. Only with optimally installed receptacles and test probes, can reliable testing be guaranteed.

Additional accessories for low-wear, reliable contacting:

Additional accessories