Exchanging receptacles 

When several or all receptacles in the fixtures need to be changed, removing the wiring from bottom side of the probe plate with the aid of the corresponding press-out punch is recommended. Depending on the type of receptacle (-23, -30, -47) a flat, hard plastic or brass punch can be used. In the case of wire wrap receptacles, a punch with a blind hole is recommended. As an alternative to removing the receptacle manually, it can also be pressed out with the aid of a drilling or milling machine.

When only one, or very few, receptacles in the fixtures need to be changed, we recommend using the receptacle extraction tool AW-KS-Set-ICT. The key advantage of the extraction tool AW-KS-Set-ICT is that because it allows receptacles to be changed from the top side of the probe plate, the fixture and interchangeable kit do not need to be dismantled. Changing the receptacle can take place in the test field. 

The wired receptacles, together with wire, can be pulled through the mounting hole with the aid of the extraction tool AW-KS-Set-ICT. After removing the wire, the newly-wired receptacle can be pressed in again with the aid of a suitable insertion tool.