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Jobs and Career

As a successful test equipment specialist, INGUN is among the best employers nationally and internationally. Excellent career perspectives, individualised apprenticeships and further training, and a team-based company culture – these are just a few good reasons to join our team.

Since 1971 INGUN has cooperated with 50 agencies globally – many our current agencies have worked together with the test equipment specialist since the company was founded. In addition, INGUN can be reached at one its several locations worldwide. 

Get started with us!

Over 400 employees work for us worldwide in a wide variety of functions. For the best team, we rely on people with varied experiences and perspectives. Be a part of this diverse team!

We cultivate the best team spirit. Be a part of it!

The individual dedication of our employees is what makes our success as a company possible. We support our staff to develop their strengths, and show appreciation for what they achieve. Our diverse career opportunities are a competitive advantage, making us attractive to the very best professionals.

Further training

As a progressive company, we continually shape tomorrow’s world. In order to do this effectively, we offer exciting development opportunities to employees and managers who prove they are optimally prepared for the challenges and potential for growth the future presents. In addition, we support each of our employees to reach their personal goals and to gain new perspectives.

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