Contact terminal A KT-254 L3 E02 Item KT-254L3E02

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KT-254 L3 E02 (KT-254L3E02)
KT-254 W3 E02 (KT-254W3E02) KT-254 L3 E02 (KT-254L3E02) KT-254 L3 E02-30 (KT-254L3E02-30) INGUN SELECTION KT-254 L-E02 (KT-254L-E02) INGUN SELECTION KT-254 W-PL (KT-254W-PL) KT-254 L3 E03 (KT-254L3E03) KT-254 W3 E03 (KT-254W3E03) INGUN SELECTION KT-254 W3 E12 (KT-254W3E12) INGUN SELECTION KT-254 L-E03 (KT-254L-E03) KT-254 W-E02 (KT-254W-E02) KT-254 W-E03 (KT-254W-E03)
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Technical data
General data
Product group : Contact terminals (KT)
Series : KT-254
Sub-series : KT-254
Grid : 2.54 mm
Type of contact terminal connection : Solder connection
Installation height : 2 mm
Magnetic : Yes
Installation type : Press-in
Quick-exchange system : No
Surface area : A gold
Material : 1 brass
Knurl : Yes
RoHS-compliant : RoHS-3;6c
Mounting hole
Mounting hole in CEM1 : 1.98 - 2.00 mm
Mounting hole in FR4 : 1.98 - 1.99 mm
Mechanical data
Collar height : 02
Total length : 17 mm
Shaft diameter : 1.98 mm
Latching lug : No
Tip style data
Tip style : 43 inverse cone with champfered bore
Tip diameter : 2.15 mm
Bore Ø in tip style : 1 mm