Receptacle KS-419 23 Item KS-41923

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KS-419 23 (KS-41923)
KS-419 23 (KS-41923)
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Technical data
General data
Product group : Receptacles (KS)
Series : KS-419
Sub-series : KS-419 press-in version
Type of receptacle connection : Solder / open
Press ring : No
Surface area : Gold
Collar diameter : 6 mm
Collar height : 0.3 mm
Knurl : No
Vacuum-tight : No
RoHS-compliant : RoHS-3;6c
Mounting hole
Mounting hole in CEM1 : 5.49 mm
Mounting hole in FR4 : 5.49 mm
Mechanical data
Total length : 48 mm
Outer diameter : 5.5 mm

Test probes for installation height, Test probes 27.40 mm

INGUN SELECTION SKS-419 005 300 A 6508
Switching probe (NO) SKS-419 005 300 A 6508 Item SKS-419-0001
  • For a wide range of applications: performs components detection check, is a switch for detecting closed/open states, and a signal transmitter for process control
  • The electrical connection is ensured by installation using a receptacle
  • Designed as normally open (NO), i.e. The circuit is closed when actuated