Receptacle KS-100 30 G12 Item KS-10030G12

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KS-100 30 G12 (KS-10030G12) INGUN SELECTION
KS-100 30 93 (KS-1003093) KS-100 30 G12 (KS-10030G12) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 05 (KS-1004705) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 25 (KS-1004725) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 93 (KS-1004793) KS-100 47-13 (KS-10047-13) KS-100 47-18 (KS-10047-18) KS-100 30 (KS-10030) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 30 25 (KS-1003025) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 30 40 (KS-1003040) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 40 (KS-1004740) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 G (KS-10047G) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 G-18 (KS-10047G-18) KS-100 47 G12 (KS-10047G12) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 30 05 (KS-1003005) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 30 G (KS-10030G) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 44 G (KS-10044G) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 (KS-10047) INGUN SELECTION KS-100 47 G-13 (KS-10047G-13) KS-100 47 G12-13 (KS-10047G12-13)
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Technical data
General data
Product group : Receptacles (KS)
Series : KS-100
Sub-series : KS-100 press-in version
Type of receptacle connection : Solder
Press ring : Yes
Surface area : Gold
Collar diameter : 1.85 mm
Collar height : 12 mm
Knurl : No
Vacuum-tight : No
RoHS-compliant : RoHS-3
Mounting hole
Mounting hole in CEM1 : 1.68 - 1.69 mm
Mounting hole in FR4 : 1.69 - 1.70 mm
Mechanical data
Total length : 30 mm
Outer diameter : 1.67 mm

Test probes for installation height, Test probes

High-current probe HSS-100
  • Trusted, robust high-current probes, optimally sized for current load capacity ratio
  • Low resistance probe with Ri typical: < 10 mOhm
  • For use in function and burn-in tests
  • Large selection of tip styles and spring forces for optimum contact with DUT
  • Optimum adjustment of the stroke ratios in the test fixture: The test probe collar is available in different heights, which, in combination with the receptacles, allows a range of installation heights
  • Highest contact reliability under challenging test conditions without additional stress on the DUT: up to 25% larger contact surface between test probe and DUT
  • When hitting the test surface a spring force up to 100% higher than a standard GKS is available, but the same spring force as a standard GKS is achieved at the working stroke.
  • Dimensions equivalent to the standard GKS series
Spring-loaded test probe GKS-135
  • For optimum contact at the test points (e.g. pads, vias, and pins), various tip styles in different diameters and finishes, as well as various spring forces are available. spring forces.