Guide pin FUS-08-30-ST-M4 Item 2229

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FUS-08-30-ST-M4 (2229) INGUN SELECTION FUB-08-14-35-POM-BL-B (2196) INGUN SELECTION FUS-08-24-38-ST-F-M4 (2230)
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Technical data
General data
Product group : Mechanical accessory
Series : FU
Type : Guide pin
Version : Without flange
Accessory type : Customising accessory
Material : 1.0718
RoHS-compliant : RoHS-3;6a
Technical data
Installation : Thread M4
Length : 30 mm
Diameter : 8 mm
Compatible with
Exchangeable kits version : Standard, ESD, radio frequency
MA exchangeable kits (ATS MA) : ATS MAx60, ATS MAxx