Insertion and extraction tools GKS (insert) E-SW-ZW-GKS-112 Item E-SW-ZW-GKS-112

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E-SW-ZW-GKS-112 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-112)
E-SW-GKS (E-SW-GKS) E-SW-GKS-100 B (E-SW-GKS-100B) E-SW-GKS-187 B (E-SW-GKS-187B) E-SW-GKS-912 A (E-SW-GKS-912A) E-SW-GKS-912 B (E-SW-GKS-912B) E-SW-GKS-961 (E-SW-GKS-961) E-SW-ZW-GKS-075 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-075) E-SW-ZW-GKS-080 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-080) E-SW-ZW-GKS-100 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-100) E-SW-ZW-GKS-101 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-101) E-SW-ZW-GKS-103 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-103) E-SW-GKS-081 (E-SW-GKS-081) E-SW-GKS-181 (E-SW-GKS-181) E-SW-ZW-GKS-112 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-112)
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Technical data
General data
Product group : Uses (E)
Compatible test probe(s) / receptacle(s) : 110 GKS-102, GKS-112, GKS-412, GKS-502, HSS-118, SKS-215
Series : E-SW-GKS
Tool for receptacle (KS) : No
Tool for test probe (GKS) : Yes
Test probe installation type : Plug-in
Max. tip diameter : 1.8 mm
RoHS-compliant : RoHS-3