Insertion and extraction tools GKS (insert) E-SW-ZW-GKS-100 Item E-SW-ZW-GKS-100

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E-SW-ZW-GKS-100 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-100)
E-SW-GKS (E-SW-GKS) E-SW-GKS-100 B (E-SW-GKS-100B) E-SW-GKS-187 B (E-SW-GKS-187B) E-SW-GKS-912 A (E-SW-GKS-912A) E-SW-GKS-912 B (E-SW-GKS-912B) E-SW-GKS-961 (E-SW-GKS-961) E-SW-ZW-GKS-075 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-075) E-SW-ZW-GKS-080 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-080) E-SW-ZW-GKS-100 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-100) E-SW-ZW-GKS-101 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-101) E-SW-ZW-GKS-103 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-103) E-SW-GKS-081 (E-SW-GKS-081) E-SW-GKS-181 (E-SW-GKS-181) E-SW-ZW-GKS-112 (E-SW-ZW-GKS-112)
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Technical data
General data
Product group : Uses (E)
Compatible test probe(s) / receptacle(s) : 107 GKS-002, E-100, DKS-100, GKS-100, GKS-135, GKS-725, SKS-100
Series : E-SW-GKS
Tool for receptacle (KS) : No
Tool for test probe (GKS) : Yes
Test probe installation type : Plug-in
Max. tip diameter : 1.5 mm
RoHS-compliant : RoHS-3

Test probes

Spring-loaded test probe GKS-135
  • For optimum contact at the test points (e.g. pads, vias, and pins), various tip styles in different diameters and finishes, as well as various spring forces are available. spring forces.
Switching probe SKS-100
  • For a wide range of applications: performs components detection check, is a switch for detecting closed/open states, and a signal transmitter for process control
  • The electrical connection is ensured by installation using a receptacle
  • Designed as normally open (NO), i.e. The circuit is closed when actuated
Spring-loaded test probe GKS-002
  • Robust, compact design for harsh ICT/FCT applications with limited space
  • Highest contact reliability under challenging test conditions without additional stress on the DUT: up to 25% larger contact surface between test probe and DUT
  • When hitting the test surface a spring force up to 100% higher than a standard GKS is available, but the same spring force as a standard GKS is achieved at the working stroke.
  • Dimensions equivalent to the standard GKS series