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Innovative test solutions for 6G applications

5G and 6G applications pose new challenges for internal connectivity and its testing. With the HFS-511 and HFS-556 series, INGUN has RF probes in its portfolio that can perform automated, reliable tests on mixed-signal board-to-board (B2B) connectors in mass production.

Automatic opener/closer for the automation of manual test fixtures

The new automatic opener/closers for the automation of manual test fixtures allows an increase in productivity and efficiency - thanks to a flexible approach to automation of test processes.

Multi-head contacting solutions for battery formation, cycling, and end-of-line-test (EoL)

INGUN develops contacting solutions which boast low contact resistances, maximum reduced power losses, as well as stable, durable electrical connections in either single or multi-head contacting configurations.

The new generation of radio frequency exchangeable kits: ATS MAxx/HF/AL/ESD

The new radio frequency replacement kits will successively replace all previously available RF exchangeable kits.

Advancing renewable energies with the right testing technology

Suitable test technology ensures efficiency and reliability in operation, which in turn supports a sustainable energy supply.

Battery test cycle - robust contacting at cell, module, and pack level

Perform frictionless contacting using INGUN's high current test probes. Learn about the battery test cycle now!

Interference-free testing of IoT applications using 5G technology

Using manual test fixture combined with INGUN’s radio frequency exchangeable kits, 5G DUTs can be tested without interference.

Differential connectors enable advances in vehicle networking

The development towards autonomous driving is in full swing. The prerequisite for this is robust, powerful data transmission in vehicles.

Inline interchangeable kit for TERADYNE TestStation Multi-Site TSH-5x

The WS TERADYNE/TSH5x inline interchangeable kit is used for reliable ICT and/or FCT testing in TERADYNE‘s inline test system Teststation Multi-Site TSH-5x.

Customer-specific solutions: Interface for high-end endoscopes

Schölly Fiberoptic, a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of 2D and 3D endoscopes and cameras, is a valued customer we supply with an interface between their electronics and camera system. They have successfully used our three-part test solution for the transmission of high-quality images for years.

Success Story ODU

A Mass Interconnect interface from ODU compatible with the manual test fixtures in the MA 20xx, MA 21xx and MA 32xx series is now available for particularly efficient PCB testing.

Why is calibration of RF probes so important?

Once a system has been calibrated, DUTs can be measured without interference from the inherent properties of the RF probes and cables.

New mechanical dual-stage locking units for MA xxxxx test fixtures

Manual test fixtures in MA xxxxx series can now be fitted with the new mechanical dual-stage locking units (FB-2VM) to reliably perform both single-stage (ICT) and dual-stage contacting (ICT/FCT combined).

Reliable testing of plug connectors fitted on cable harnesses

When testing connectors together with cable harnesses, continuous contacting must be ensured. For the so-called push-back test, various versions of INGUN push-back probes can be used. Here we present our range and the various test possibilities.

INGUN high-speed test plugs for USB and HDMI series

In order to meet the demanding conditions of everyday testing even better, INGUN has developed a new test plug series for USB and HDMI connectors. The increased mechanical load capacity and the improved fine adjustment of the new products are just some of the highlights of the new series.

MintPin – New interface probes for the highest signal quality

Improved transmission resistances, optimised contact surfaces, and increased durability - INGUN sets new standards with the newly developed interface contact probes especially for Keysight test systems. Pseudo errors as well as error messages at the interface are significantly reduced, meaning the efficiency in production is sustainably increased.

Reliably automate testing tasks using cobots

Using collaborative robots that undertake repetitive and unergonomic tasks, the efficiency and precision of inspection processes can be significantly increased.

Corrosion tests for test probes used in demanding environments

Optimised charging probes for the speech processor of a cochlear implant defy the unique condi-tions around the ear and ensure the functionality of the corresponding assemblies in the long term.

Reliably contact large RF devices without interference

The new ESD-compliant ATS MA14/HF/ESD radio frequency exchangeable kits, which are compatible with fixtures in the MA xx14 range, can be used to reliably test devices (DUTs) with external dimensions of up to 475 x 240 mm and ensure measurements are free from interference.

INGUN cleaning mats extend the service life of your test probes

INGUN cleaning mats provide a quick, easy way to clean test probes with aggressive tip styles installed in test fixtures. This simple but effective maintenance procedure extends the service life of test probes and can be adapted for use in numerous applications.

New long-stroke GKS series and new tip styles in the international standard probe range

The introduction of a new series of long-stroke GKS as well as new tip styles for existing probes series sees INGUN expands its range in the field of international standard test probes. While the new GKS-013 probe allows combined ICT/FCT tests at a pitch distance of 40 mil (1.00 mm), the new tip style for GKS-040/100 (standard stroke) and GKS-015/035/135 (long stroke) provide more possibilities for optimal con-tact to the device under test.

Automotive electronics testing for the highest demands

Safety and availability of electronic devices play a major role in the automotive industry. This applies to the growing number of driver assistance systems as well as to the electronics that control airbags and entertainment systems. Read here about how the ever-increasing degree of integration can be mastered with the right testing technology.

Success Story Controlar

The cooperation between Controlar and INGUN has resulted in synergies that enable sophisticated, reliable, and efficient test systems for industries worldwide. Together with INGUN, Controlar is entering new markets and is continually developing its portfolio. Read more about the successful partnership spanning more than 20 years.

Efficient, space-saving contacting of touchscreens

Capacitive touchscreens are display systems that use the electrical properties of the human body as input. When a finger - or a special input device such as a stylus or TAB – comes into contact with the display, when and where the user touched the display is detected.