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Test probes for the toughest test conditions

INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH has developed a new test probes series especially for challenging contacting of tough OSP coatings, lead-free soldering or contaminated printed circuit boards (PCBs). Despite harsh conditions, these probes achieve outstanding test results. In addition to specially developed palladium-nickel coating, the INGUN E-TYPE® FUSION-series also boasts aggressive tip styles, an increased spring pre-load and INGUN’s tried and tested double beading.

The palladium-nickel coating, which was specially developed for the test probes in the INGUN E-TYPE® FUSION series, differs from standard gold plating due to its surface hardness being three times harder. This feature allows layers of residue und contamination, such was OSP coating to be reliably penetrated.

The tip styles selected for the INGUN E-TYPE® FUSION series are characterised by aggressive edges and excellent edge-retention properties. Especially the newly-developed tip style 70 guarantees reliable contacting of OSP-coated test points without solder thanks to a particularly sharp-edged cutting geometry. The INGUN E-TYPE® FUSION series is based on the tried-and-tested INGUN E-TYPE® technology and enables reliable contacting of the PCB without additional stress. INGUN’s typical double beading ensures optimal hitting accuracy due to the precision-guidance of plungers.

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