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Interchangeable Kit WS SPEA/3030

INGUN Interchangeable Kit WS SPEA/3030 for SPEA 3030 Test Systems

The robust interchangeable kit WS SPEA/3030 is designed for usa-ge in SPEA 3030 test systems. It is composed of the interchangeable kit bottom part (WSU) and the interchangeable kit top part (WSO), which is available with a 15 mm pressure frame plate made of ESD-compatible Plexiglas. The kit features a robust design with aluminum frames, a bend-resistant FR4 probe plate, as well as and ESD compatible, precision-guided pressure frame plate. In addition, the kit has a two-part, floating mounted test system interface with stiffener bars and start-up kit as optional extras.
Interchangeable kit WS SPEA/3030

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