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High-current Probe HSS-623 M

Robust High-current Probe up to 100 AHigh-current probe HSS-623 M

With the new screw-in High-current Probe HSS-623 M the product depth of the High-current Probes, that are already available, is extended.
The HSS-623 M is designed for testing power components that are getting smaller and smaller.

Due to the small internal resistance, currents of up to 100 A in a grid size of 300 Mil (7.6 mm) can be transferred safely and reliably.

Due to its hard-wearing design, this High-current Probe is also ideally suitable for rough production environments.

The HSS-623 M is assembled in a Receptacle which can be wired either by means of a thread for a ring-lug or with a solder tab.

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