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High-current Clamp HKF-617

Scratch-free contacting of flat connectors up to 40 A

The HKF-617 extends INGUN‘s product range of clips to contact flat connectors. High-current clamp HKF-617
The HKF-617 is available in two versions - for flat connectors with nominal widths of 3,2 mm or 6,3 mm.
Currents up to 40 A can reliably be transferred with the HKF-617.

The spring clip enables a scratch-free contacting process, closing only after the flat connector reached the bottom of the high-current clip.

The design of the HKF-617 ensures a constant pre-load of the spring clip during contacting.
Thus a safe contact is guaranteed even under complicated conditions like vibrations and contaminations.

The HKF-617 is assembled with a bayonet joint into the receptacle.
Therefore the HKF-617 is turned 90 degrees at max. stroke. 

The KS-617 is aligned during assembly by two spanner flats and guarantees the correct position of the HKF-617 towards the flat connector.
The connection of the KS-617 is made via a solder hole for cables.

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