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High-frequency Probe HFS-856

Secure contacting of miniature RF-connector and switch up to 12 GHz

First the outer conductor is contacted, then the HFS-856 aligns due to its floating mounting optimally at the connector and now contact to the signal conductor is High-frequency Probe HFS-856provided.

Because of the large centring area of +/-0,3 mm and the flexible mounting harmful loads at the connector are avoided.
With the newly designed HFS-856, switch connectors such as MM8030, MM8430, MS-156 or MS-180 can be contacted.
Miniature connectors such as U.FL can be contacted as well.

By means of the constructive new design frequencies up to 12 GHz can be transmitted.
The mounting is done by means of a flange with a centring bolt and two screws. The HFS-856 is connected via a SMA connector.

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